2010 National Championship Series

The DDM Guild is pleased to, for the first time, officially support a series of National D&D Miniatures Championships across the world. These championships provide a great tournament environment, with byes provided for the National winners for use in any of the elite Continental championships. The winner of the largest Continental Championship (in numbers of participants) will be crowned the World Constructed DDM Champion for 2010.

National Championships

You are probably wondering where those National Championships are. The 2010 Constructed National Championship Fact Sheet has full details and allows you to find the locations of the National and Continental championships. As you’ll see, winning in any National tournament gives a player a bye that may be uses in any or all Continental Championship. Indeed, winning a Continental Championship also provides byes for other Continental Championships.

Continental Championships

The first Continental championship is the European D&D Miniature Championship in Utrecht, the Netherlands, organized in late June. The South American championship follows in early July in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The final Continental Championship is the early August North American championship at GenCon. All of these Continental Championships are open, which means any player can enter the tournament. But if you did finish in the top of your National Championship or Qualifier, you have the advantage of a bye (free win) compared to non-qualified players. And I’ll repeat it: the winner of the largest Continental Championship will get the title 2010 Constructed D&D Miniatures World Champion.

North America

What about the North Americans? As always, we will have a series of regional qualifiers, and more information will be available soon. US/CA Qualifier applications are in hand, with a couple coming in very late. We are currently considering applications from Alberta, California, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ontario, Pennsylvania and South Dakota. We’ll have the final news soon, with the first North American qualifiers starting later in May. (But for those that are curious, some clues might be found on this Google map…)

View DDM Qualifiers 2010 in a larger map

More details on the North American Qualifiers are coming soon!



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The championship series is interesting. A lot of players are involved and they are making sure they do a fine job with it. - Scott Sohr Nashville