Championship Qualifier Call for 2011

When the Gen Con Indy events go live, you will see a full slate of DDM events sponsored by your friendly DDM Guild. More than last year, you ask?
Check! Championships run straight through on one day? Check! (some of the top 8 matches may be sunday morning) And speaking of the Championships, if it is an open event, why are you having qualifiers? How will qualification for what has traditionally been the biggest constructed DDM event of the year work?

This year, we are repeating last year’s formula where finishing well in a qualifier earns a player a number of byes through the first rounds of the championships. The number of players that receive byes, and the number of byes those players receive are determined by the number of players the qualifier attracts. European chapters have the benefit that byes won at their National Championships (or qualifiers) can be used at the European Championships!

To hold these qualifiers, the DDM Guild is calling for applications from Guild Chapters and local stores in this Fact Sheet.

Email us with your application by April 1st, 2011. In your email, please answer the following questions:

At what location will the tournament be held, and why is your location perfect for a qualifier or National Championship?

For example: is it at a gaming convention? Is there a large local DDM Guild presence? Is it central to several DDM Communities? From what areas do you expect to draw players for the tournament? Is the location large enough to accomodate the expected number of players?

When will the tournament be held?

All qualifiers and National Championships should take place between May April 30th and June 26th, 2011. (Exceptions may be made for earlier April tournaments.)

What local support will be devoted to the tournament?

Think about what prizes can be provided, what other fun activities or plans are in place to optimize the experience of attending a qualifier, will there be any giveaways. How will the qualifier be advertised? On web forums? Store website? What will registration cost? Will this be able to cover prize support? If not, do you have a sponsor?

Applications will be reviewed by Organized Play and hosts will be notified by Friday, April 1st, 2011. The number of qualifiers is not set yet. Of course, you will have a better chance of hosting a qualifier if you work together with neighbouring chapters!



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The qualifier is really good. People will going to be crazy if they will let this one out of the window. - KSA Kosher