Dangerous Delves, Preview 3

There are old goblins, and there are bold goblins, but there are no old, bold goblins. Both of the minis previewed today have a high enough Wisdom score to live by that mantra. Without further ado, it's Goblin time!

Goblin Delver.pngcard_GoblinDelverCard.png

The Goblin Delver hasn't gotten to where he is today based on bravery or valor. You'll notice he has no Attacks! He has stuck around by being a Noncombantant. More than happy to let his adjacent allies have all the glory (or pain), this little goblin is content to camp in a Victory Area and make sure the enemy doesn't get any of the valuable treasure (or Victory Points, whatever) located there.

In the Skirmish game, he'll carry his weight and make you a happy goblin chieftain by making the most of his Goblin Hoarder power. That load he carries slows him down, so you'll want to send a faster goblin out first, but once this mini arrives in the later rounds, he can shut your opponent out of the all-important Victory Points while using the faster goblin as a bodyguard. Whether this extends the match for you, or creates difficult decisions for your opponent, the Goblin Delver is ready to serve.


The Goblin Sharpshooter must be a veteran of many battles, as he costs 20 points! Only Snig's dual incarnations and the Goblin Underboss cost more -- he must do something special, right?

This goblin figured out early it's better to stand back and shoot, and he does so quite well. The Sharpshooter ability shows he can put a bolt through a crowd, targeting just the enemy he wants. The Sharpshooter won't have to give up his position behind cover to gain a better angle.

He has one special attack you'll want to use in the early rounds to slow a key enemy getting to his goblin buddies in the front ranks. The Barbed Quarrel might delay a lightly armored Skirmisher's arrival in battle, or cause an Artillery piece to be out of position. But after that, find your cover, find your target, roll the dice and ignore those enemies in the way!

By this time next week, you'll have gotten the full stats -- we'll be releasing them one week prior to the release of the set, to give everyone a chance to review the stats prior to release tournaments.

Michael Domezio loves goblins, and was ecstatic that he managed to trick AesophDarkfable into letting him stat both in this set.

Next week: A guide to _Dangerous Delves_ sealed.


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