Gargantuan Blue Dragon scenario

The DDM Guild is pleased to release the scenario and stat card for the Gargantuan Blue Dragon.

The scenario that we’ve chosen is focuses on a very special ancient Blue Dragon; Iymrith the Queen of the Cold Desert; Dragon of the Statues. The link to the scenario is further down in the article, but for those interested in Iymrith’s background… You can read more about her here.. I think you will see why we chose her as our Iconic Blue.

Iymrith is an accomplished student of magic, and this certainly is represented in the scenario. She’s tough to beat, and in this case, the adventurer’s aren’t really trying to. Its all about getting treasure and leaving.

On her home map, pain helps Iymrith recover rapidly from just about every condition, so you might be tempted to ignore her, but her statue-like followers may take exception to your presence.

If you feel a need to fight more of a generic dragon, we’ve included a generic male consort as well. If you are feeling particularly crafty, why not fight both?

Collect the details on our version of Iymrith in Scenario GB, right here.

Comments appreciated – leave them right here.


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Anyone try this yet?

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