GenCon 2010 Information Sheet

Here’s a quick run down of the events at GenCon. I was just notified (today) that we will be on round tables in Sagamore. As it turns out, they never did arrange for rectangular tables, and for our part, we certainly don’t really want to be anywhere else. So, with several groups around each table, tournament play promises to be an intimate experience.

As some of you may have already noticed, the ddm events recently went live online and can be registered for. They won’t be listed in the print copy of the event program, but you can search and find them electronically. For your convenience, we’ve listed the numbers here.

Download the
fact sheet here.

Of course, GenCon always has its share of surprises, and I don’t really want to reveal these and thus spoil your fun.

Yet, in at least one case, its really hard not to spoil at least a little bit.

So, here we go.

“I wonder what these familiar artistic stylings have to do with GenCon?”

Could it be part of a prize?

What is this?


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The information sheet has really good things in it. I think that will help them sort things out. - The Review Solution

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The sheet pretty much tells all! Great job! - Reputation Advocate