HeroScape Wave 13

Back at the end of November, we released the Heroscape wave 13 betas, with a a bit of explanation of the ideas and direction that went into their design.

Here, we are happy to release the Heroscape Wave 13 stat cards in their final form. After some study, I believe you’ll find the figures look similar to the betas, and of course we hope they will see use in your warbands. One particular card may stand out as somewhat…different, but was included as a way to spice up your 500 point Arena tournaments. His appearance is timely, since the arrival of Orcus is imminent, and few can match the Prince of Undeath (unless you take away his wand).

Enough foreshadowing for now. Go. Play. And don’t forget to post your comments for us!


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The betas will give them an edge over the others. This kind of upgrade will make them stronger. - All State Van Lines Relocation

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The three figures are 70-485 dumps pretty different, with a hobgoblin mercenary, and evil drow and a very good mage from Cormyr. The Hobgoblin draws his strength 70-484 dumps from Pain, while the Drow uses his evil magic in a controlling way. He can prevent invisibility 70-483 dumps

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Well we have seen much improvement in different kinds of Heroscape Wave 13 last year and this it has gain much popularity in whole world which is hot and top news today because i just download the latest version of this which was quite remarkable with much more excitement, thus it nearly helped me to teach myself what kind of technology that has been used till yet.