Limited Championships 2010/11

Its time to announce the North American Limited Championships, to take place at Neoncon in Las Vegas.

Now, some of you may have already seen the DDM Guild Blog on the WotC website, so this may not come as a surprise to you. But to others, the idea of using the new Lords of Madness huge set for the championships may seem a little strange. After all, we’ve never had a “huge” containing set used for a Championship before.

To find out how we are going to do it, have a look at the, data sheet.
Let us know what you think. Then, its probably time to look forward to the upcoming release of Lords of Madness. It looks like we’ll have a few exciting release events around the world as well. Of course, for this you will need cards, and we’ll have them for you soon, too.




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The championships are great. Indeed, they are doing a fine job with it. - The Review Solution

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