North American Championship Series

Last week, we sent out the first bolus of information on the World Championship Series for 2010. This week, we tie up the loose end that is the North American Championships. Qualifiers across Canada and the United States begin one month from now, and build towards the Championship at GenCon.

North American Qualifiers

The locations and dates of the North American Qualifiers are listed in the 2010 Constructed Qualifer Fact Sheet. Use this to find out tournament details and to decide which qualifier is best for you. Just as with the National Championship Series in Europe, winning in any Qualifying North American tournament gives a player a bye (or byes) that may be used in any or all Continental Championships, including the championship at GenCon.

You can also see the locations on the Qualifier and Championship Map.

View DDM Qualifiers 2010 in a larger map


The format for GenCon, traditionally one of the biggest competitive tournaments of the year, will be announced soon after the Qualifier season closes on June 19th.

We are pleased to anounce that, in addition to byes awarded to the Qualifiers winners, the top 40 ranked constructed players, after the final qualifier is completed, will also receive one bye at the North American Championships at GenCon.

We looking forward to seeing you thereā€¦



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