November 2010 repaint: Town Guard

I, Megan Smith, Chapter Master in Brisbane, Australia, really liked getting Organized Play repaints. So much that I took it upon myself to bring the DDM Guild Repaints back to live. This is number sixteen: the Human Town Guard from Lords of Madness.

With a new set of minis bringing a new set of commons to paint, we are back. This first one is nice and easy.


Paint needed: Knarloc Green Foundation Paint, Thraka Green Wash (from Citadel/Games Workshop)

Normal Painting supplies: paintbrush, water for rinsing the brush, paper towel.


1. Clean your minis

Wash your hands first, then scrub each D&D Miniature with a toothbrush, using warm water and dishwashing liquid. Then, scrub again with just the warm water to make sure there’s no oil, soap, or anything weird on the surface of the mini. Throw them onto a paper towel a couple of times to knock off most of the water, and then leave them to dry.


2. Paint over the Red with Green

  • Shake the bottle of Knarloc Green, then open it carefully.
  • Dip your brush in the rinsing water and brush it gently on the paper towel to remove excess water.
  • Dip the tip of your brush into the paint. (It’s often easier to work from the pool of paint in the lid). Cover all the red, but try to leave the belt and silver bit on the chest unpainted. In the picture you can see a few tiny bits of red that I missed … this much is ok, but more would be visible in the end result.
  • Get more paint on your brush as needed, rinsing the brush between minis. If your paint is too thick and gluey, it might be easier to put some out on a palette and mix in some water to thin it a little.
  • Once they are all painted, leave them to dry (10-15 minutes, depending on the weather).

3. Wash the green with Thraka Green

  • Shake the bottle of Thraka Green wash, then open it carefully.
  • Dip your brush in your rinsing water and brush it gently on the paper towel to remove the excess water.
  • Dip your brush into the wash and apply it liberally over the green coat. It should flow off reasonably easily and fall off the high points, into the creases, bringing out all the details. Make sure you don’t miss any, cause it will really show up. Don’t worry if it goes on anything black, cause it won’t be visible, but try to keep it off the flesh and silver bits.
  • Keep getting wash and putting it on the mini until the green is reasonably covered. If it pools anywhere it shouldn’t, use the brush to move it to other spots.
  • After you’ve done each mini, it’s a good idea to rinse out your brush.
  • Leave the minis for 20-60 minutes to dry (exact time will depend on the weather).


Use your Guild Logo Stamp on the bottoms of the bases, and then you are … finished! Please tell us about your Guild Repaints. Post a picture in Crafter’s Corner on Hordelings and tell us how many you’ve painted and given away. See you next month!

More about the background of the monthly repaints and the other repaints? You can find them all in the DDM Guild Monthly repaint introduction article.


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Those town guards are really good. I think we all have been impressed with the artwork. - The Review Solution