Online League Double-Play tournament

It’s been only a few weeks since we asked for you feedback in the DDM Guild Online league survey. Demetri0us and bokkenko are working on analyzing the responses so many of you gave, and are implementing changes based on that. They will need a little more time to get it right and so the summer season will start a little later than usual. However, we wanted to keep the ball rolling, so with that in mind we present a special two round mini season:

DDM Guild Online League Double-Play Tournament

This little tournament will have three prizes for the participants.

  • First Place: The winner of the special double-play tournament will receive Two booster packs of official D&D Miniatures.
  • Second Place: Second place will receive one booster pack of official D&D Miniatures.
  • Band of the week: After all warbands are logged, voting will commence and the creator of the warband that gets the most votes will receive one booster pack of official D&D Miniatures. There will be no voting criteria and the voting will be completely anonymous.

You can read all about how you can participate in this small tournament on hordelings. If you have problems logging into VASSAL or hordelings, contact demetri0us through PM or email.


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This might be a little tournament but the fun that it could give is huge. I am very exciting on this specially on the prices. - Sandra Dyche