PHH1 Original Edition Beta

Here we present Player’s Handbook Heroes-Origins, a retrostat of the post-original edition heroes for use in your ‘1.0’ games. While I certainly had a major hand in these designs, credit goes to two crusaders, Matt Kempe and Peter Scott, for keeping the ‘1.0 projects’ going forward. I hope that all of you are happy with the general 1.0 feel of these dedicated 2.0 pieces.

We are releasing this as a beta, but these particular designs have been around for some time. Moving forward, we’d like to continue to release original edition projects using the ‘beta release’ model to continue to get your feedback.

I know that Matt, Peter and I will be interested in hearing your comments in the coming days….


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The original beta is awesome. People are nuts if they don't try this one. - All State Van Lines Relocation