Rules Update: Squeezing

The current version of the Battle Rules leaves a little ‘wiggle room’ when it comes to squeezing. In particular, for example, players can theoretically take any number of free actions in a turn. Since each squeeze and unsqueeze can translocate a huge creature over one square, this creates an issue. While most players can come to an agreement as to how squeezing works in fun play, its probably a good idea for OP to update this rule for the fall tournament season, with a dedicated update in the rulebook to follow for 2011.

OP Update: Squeezing

  • Starting Squeezing: On its turn, a huge creature with a current movement of 2 or more can squeeze at the start of a move or an attack action. This is a free action that provokes attacks of opportunity from adjacent enemies, then the creature becomes squeezed and occupies a 2-square by 2-square space entirely within its starting position.
  • Penalties: While squeezed, a creature grants combat advantage to enemies, has –2 Speed, and –5 Attack.
  • Ending Squeezing: A creature can end squeezing at the end of an attack, move or minor action; it then occupies a 3-square by 3-square space that entirely contains its starting position. If there is no legal position fully containing the space it occupies at the end of its squeeze, it cannot end squeezing until there is a legal position.
-You may notice that a slowed huge creature will have a speed of 0 while squeezing, which will still allow it to ‘move’ up to two squares by squeezing and unsqueezing (twice) during its turn.
These rules replace the existing rules on page 19 of the Battle Rules, and should be used for all sanctioned tournaments, beginning now. The listing of rules on the Guild site is an uncommon measure, and is only temporary. These will be addressed in a permanent fashion in the next scheduled release of the battle rules.


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Squeezing is something they have been doing for a long time already. It is something amazing. - The Review Solution

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These updates are pretty neat! Keep it up! - BentleyForbes

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