Scenario D1: Drow Incursion

Looking for new and interesting ways to wage war with your miniature collection? Bored with the same old "metagame?"

Welcome to the launch of DDM Scenario Play. This new style of event is intended to offer new and fun options for the Dungeons and Dragons miniatures player.

Each of the scenarios includes variant rules for use in that scenario. Sometimes, these scenarios may even include new stat cards for creatures, new maps or terrain features, or additional items. In all cases, they will provide new play options for you local group. I wonder if we might even use them to preview miniatures from upcoming sets? I suppose anything is possible.

If you don't like building warbands, scenarios provide you with recommended warbands. If you do, we always include special warband building rules unique to that scenario. Even the die-hard competitive players will like the unique tactical problems these scenarios pose.

Some of the scenarios we release will be part of an ongoing campaign, with the results of one battle influencing the overall direction of the campaign. However, for this to happen, you need to report the results, and you do that right here at, using the new event reporter.

For this purpose, we aren't tracking your wins and losses as individuals -- it doesn't matter who plays, so it's a great way to convince friends to join in. The fun part will be tracking the warbands that win each scenario.

The inaugural scenario, D1: Drow Incursion, is part of such an ongoing campaign. In this scenario, you play the part of a Drow raiding party, or an embattled group of Dwarven defenders.

Download D1: Drow Incursion (940 KB PDF)

In future, look for us to release one-off scenarios, and short minicampaigns. Don't be surprised if some crafty Dungeon Masters use these scenarios as hooks, transition encounters, or background flavor in their ongoing roleplaying campaigns.

I know I will.


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