Scenario DW1: The Frost Giant's Picket

The Drow Wars continue, or at least a small chapter in them. This week's scenario, the Frost Giant's Picket, utilizes the popular Arena format and pits frost giant against dwarf in the snowy realms of the Windswept Precipice. Slog along with dwarves as they attempt to light a signal fire, or play the ambushers to test your entrapment skills. The grognards among you will see the connection between the drow and their frost giant allies, even if the Eberron-born think they are the ones that should be fighting.

The scenario introduces a new map for scenario play. Windswept Precipice features the artwork of our own Joel Broveleit, and is the first small map specifically designed to provide substantial cover for start areas. The map can be printed at home or a commercial printshop quite inexpensively. Eventually, the Guild plans to have the map professionally printed and offered as a donation premium. In the meantime, we wanted a map that was easy to print and would look good in color or black-and-white. The winter theme was a natural, and it fits into the theme of DW1, so everybody wins!

You can download Windswept Precipice from the DDM Guild website here. Please post your comments here or on one of the community forums. We'd like to get your feedback.

Next time, the scenario series will rejoin the underground battle between dwarf and drow in a multiplayer variation that holds a special surpise for the dwarves. Hope to see you then!


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The picket is something they are working out. I think that will be the best thing for them. - Charles Brennan