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DDM to Dungeon Command

Well I am still kicking and screaming, but I understand the evolution of games and game companies enough to see the writing on the cavern walls so to speak.

I was wondering if the DDM Guild has thought about an effort to restat some D&D Miniatures monsters for use with Dungeon Command. We were discussing this lately and what better way to have another game collectors can have to use their favorite D&D Miniatures.

Would anyone else be interested? Can someone ask those Wizards at GenCon about it?


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This is a great question!!! Smile
Is the DDM Guils able/autorized to support the conversion of DDM to DC??

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I would say no. They want to keep the process in house. However they certainly are having people very related to the DDM efforts helping with the process. Also they are using a lot of the same figs so hopefully your favorite will get restatted

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Never the less, the community is still allowed to convert them as a non-official, fan-work kind of thing, right? While these aren't officialy developed by WotC?

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I would like to build my warband with my old's miniatures and play in Dungeon command...
Any news about that ???

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These are good questions.

The only one qualified, in my opinion, to do such tings is Kevin Tatroe, and I am unsure he has any interest in doing so, though he continues to work with wotc on future projects. He is the orignal designer of DC, and an original guildmaster here at DDM guild.

I have no issues continuing to convert new figures from DC to DDM, or even to validate predetermined tile assemblies as legal ddm maps, and in this regard the Blood of Gruumsh set is 85% done. Hope to have it out by end of february. We are also moving foward with gencon plans.
DDM Guild will have a presence this year. Smile


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GenCon plans this year! Yea!

Get the word out as early as possible, the sooner the more we might get to play DDM.

Also, if there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

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