Is DDM latest rule BETA version?

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Is DDM latest rule BETA version?

Hello, I have used DDM Rule Beta version which was released at 2011 (I found this in Archive section). but in main menu, the confirmed rule is 2009' version, not beta.

Now 2 years passed since the beta version was released. And I guess that everyone use 2011's beta version not 2009's.
So is there any plan to release 2011's rule as confirmed?

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There are a couple small changes to take beta to final.
They still haven't been done, but I will try to get them done in the coming month or so.
thekk is the one to do the link, though - I have limited posting privileges


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besides the squeeze rules update posted below, are there any other changes/updates to the rules or are they all clarifications?



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Various relating to items:

Also see discussion on Exploit Weakness thread clarifying attack action powers / stacking.


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