Stat Cards for First 8 Sets

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Stat Cards for First 8 Sets

Are the stat cards for the first 8 sets only available in the official wizards updated format? Can they be obtained in the DDM Guild layout all the newer sets are in?

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not yet! thats a big project ....


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I imagine so. If it's something in the works and there's any way I can help out, please let me know.

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that would be great if some of the old overpriced figs were tweaked before the ddm guild cards were published. Smile

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Yes please on bigfruits' request for a tweak on some of the older, weaker figs. WotC's Unicorn stats with the "one time only" use of the heal/remove status makes it a lot weaker than the Guild's unlimited use of the power. The Guild's version is better but not broken.